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The Secret to Generating Revenue on Your Blog

Your readers are engaged, your content is fresh, but you’re not seeing the revenue from your blog that you anticipate. What’s up with that? Are you constantly pulling out your hair over how to optimize your revenue on your site? Any blogger strategy site on the web will tell you that serving ads to your readers is the most effective way to begin monetizing your blog. However, many fall into the trap of simply throwing ads on their site and seeing what sticks. No matter how quality your content, if you don’t keep a few simple tips in mind, you’re never going to be making the kind of revenue that you desire.

For effective ads, context is everything

Why show ads for preppy clothing delivery services on a blog that exclusively posts content on punk rock? Is your traffic looking for the products and services you’re hosting ads for based on the content you’ve given them? If not, you may want to start focusing on your contextual advertising.

Contextual advertising is simple. You already put a priority on SEO. Why not use that hard work to your advantage and choose a platform that operates on contextual ads? The premise is simple. The more optimize your keywords, the better these platforms can scrape your site and give advertisers the best advice on what to host your site. So long as you are continuing to fine-tune your SEO, your ads should stay up to date as well. That is, of course, assuming you use a platform that prioritizes context.

One platform does not fit all

There are plenty of ad clients that offer contextual ad-serving. While we won’t go into detail here, be aware that many operate vastly different from one another. While some feature flexibility of use and content, others pride themselves on their reach. In the end, you are best focusing on which client best fits your monthly traffic. Not all platforms are ideal for small blogs (or big blogs in some instances). Google and do your research. In the end, you’ll need to tweak and be ready for some trial and error. No matter how you fine tune, never stop focusing on building your traffic—you can’t go wrong with more viewers or readers!

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