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How to write a good script for an animated video

Animated videos can often seem like an easy way out in terms of how much you need to prepare for them. And mostly it’s true since many of the production efforts required to make a video with actors are eliminated. However, it is not a free for all. Your script, which is the basis for any time-based art form, is the most essential tool you can offer your animators. Here are some tips on how to write a good script.

1. Think visually

When writing a script for a commercial, try to imagine the script using still images that you create in your mind. For example, a minute-long video can be subdivided into three images, which can further be deconstructed in characters, activities and hidden meaning. If you try to write a minute-long video, you could get by perfectly with one to three sentences per image, i.e. three to nine sentences per minute.

2.Think practically

Since animated commercials can often be quite literal in their visual representation of what’s being said on the voiceover, try to use sentences which are coherent, rather short and very clear, without too much unnecessary information so that the animation can also be coherent and very clear.

3. Write smart

Telling a story can be quite the job. It is essential to distribute the information delivery throughout the duration of the script and to not repeat any of it or add any excess information. The rule of thirds is a really good way to go because it offers a symmetrical delivery of information that makes a lot of sense to viewers. Additionally, it is a well-observed phenomenon that the average internet user’s attention span has shortened in reverse proportion to the increase of their daily data consumption, so keeping it short seems like a rather good idea to make sure the information will sink in with your audience.

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